finding a therapist

How do I find the right therapist for myself or my relationship?

It’s important to find the right fit when choosing a therapist. The most critical factor in successful therapy is the therapeutic relationship. You want a therapist with whom you feel comfortable as well as someone who will gently encourage you to grow and stretch. If possible, have a general idea regarding what your goals and hopes are for your therapy. This can help you choose someone with the experience and specialties you are looking for. It’s okay if you are not sure exactly what your goals are; sometimes you just know that you want things to change, but you’re not sure how. Your therapist can help you figure that out. A telephone consultation can be a good way to ask a few questions about a therapist’s education, training, and approach.

How long will I/we need to come?

Treatment will continue until you feel you have met your goals. Thus, the length of treatment will depend on what your goals are and how long your difficulties have been creating problems.  As such, therapy can be just a few sessions to long term, depending on your unique situation. My goal is to help you gain the skills to successfully maneuver the challenges that life brings.

Do you take insurance?

I am a contracted provider with Anthem Blue Cross. Regarding other insurance companies, I can provide a receipt for reimbursement that you may be able to turn into your provider if you have a PPO.  I recommend that you check with your insurance company to see what services your policy covers and whether they will reimburse for your appointments with me.

How do you protect my confidentiality?

All consultations and session records are private and confidential. No one will be advised of your participation in counseling unless you specifically request it, in writing. The law provides certain exclusions for confidentiality in cases of child abuse, dependent adult abuse, elder abuse, health oversight, judicial/administrative proceedings, threats to health or safety, and worker’s compensations.