Parenting workshops offered through Schools

Special to The Union

Parents of children ages 2 through 12 can have their own version of back-to-school in the form of Triple P parenting workshops.

Triple P, which stands for Positive Parenting Program, is an eight-week, evidence-based series to support parents with the big job of raising happy, healthy children.

With the support of the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools office, these workshops will be offered throughout the school year at schools including Scotten, Cottage Hill, Union Hill, Deer Creek, Ready Springs, as well as the Sierra College Child Development Center.

The workshops cost $30 for a materials fee, Triple P Facilitator Meg Luce said. Scholarships are available for families who cannot afford the fee.

Free childcare and snacks are provided.

“What strikes me most about facilitating Triple P is that parents want to do better,” Luce said. “They hate being impatient or unkind to their children.

“The workshops provide an opportunity to step out of the daily hustle and think about how things are going and how to create improvements in family life,” she added. “When parents put new practices in place that are in line with their values, they feel immensely good about it.”

Luce said her favorite part of the workshop is teaching about the power of connecting with children.

“We are often so busy in our lives just trying to get the kids fed and the chores done that sometimes we can forget about stopping to connect with our children,” she added. “When we remember to do that, if even for moments at a time, kids notice and behavior often improves.”

Interested parents may contact Luce for workshop openings throughout the school year at 530-913-2745.