Sometimes parents are doing their best but feel their relationships with their children are not working and they don’t know why. Perhaps you are reacting to your children in ways that you never thought you would. A deeper self-understanding may help you become aware of what is blocking you from becoming the parent you want to be. I offer sessions to help parents address these blocks and build skills to parent effectively and with confidence.


Parenting Classes

As Parenting Specialist for Nevada County Superintendent of Schools, I facilitate parenting workshops in affiliation with PARTNERS Family Resource Centers. Feel free to call for more information and the latest schedule of classes. (530) 913-2745

Circle of Security Parenting

Circle of Security Parenting, offered through First 5 Nevada County,  is a class for parents of children, five and under, and helps parents to focus on strengthening their relationship bonds with their children.

The program curriculum is based on years of attachment research and brings these sound principles to parents in an accessible classroom experience. Curriculum will help parents improve their abilities to read their children’s cues and develop a more clear understanding of what their children need to thrive.

The only cost to parents is a $30 materials fee. Call for more information and to sign up (530) 913-2745

Triple P Positive Parenting Program

Sometimes moms & dads want to brush up on practical skills and strategies to manage the everyday events of being a parent. Triple P Parenting is offered through the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools  for that very reason. The class focuses on helping parents make small changes to create big positive differences in their relationships with their children. It is for parents of children ages 2 to 12. The only cost to parents is a $30 materials fee. Call or email Meg for upcoming class dates.

Call for more information and to sign up (530) 913-2745